Cargo Aircraft Guide

A transport plane is an aircraft intended for the transportation of various goods. Often the same aircraft is a cargo and passenger one, only the equipment changes. Freight airplanes are distinguished by simplified household equipment, increased cargo space, large cargo hatches, a stronger floor, on-board mechanization for loading and unloading.



A transport aircraft may have the following design features that distinguish it from passenger models :

  • "high-wing" layout (allows to place the cargo as close to the ground as possible)

  • reinforced chassis with bigger quantity of wheels

  • cargo hatches at the bottom and at the top of the fuselage

  • hatches in front of the fuselage ("folding nose") and in the rear ("swinging" or "folding" tail), sometimes combined with a ramp

  • reduced door to the cockpit

  • absence of portholes

The above listed design features are designed to facilitate the loading and discharging.